5 Flower Care Tips From a Pro

5 Flower Care Tips From a Pro


In event design your flower arrangement process begins long before your flowers are placed on the table. There are many considerations that come to mind stating with how will we care for them before they are arranged. Anytime you order flowers, whether it be for a wedding, special event, or even your home it is important to take good care of them. At Red Carpet we strive to create a healthy home for all our flowers before and after the design process. Some of the work we do to keep your flowers looking fresh and amazing starts behind the scenes. Here is the inside scoop.

Keep in a cool environment - When we get an arrangement or assortment of flowers the first thing we note is where in the space will they be the most sheltered. Flowers perform better if they are in a cool area out of direct sunlight, away from a drafty breeze, and away from electronics such as a wireless router, T.V., or microwave. If we are holding an arrangement or flowers overnight to be presented the next day we store it in a especially cool place such as a fridge or garage as long as the temperature is controlled between 33*F and 38*F and won't drop below 32*F

Fresh cut with a knife - when flowers are cut they still use the tiny veins inside the stem to pull from a water source to stay fresh. When a flower is cut with scissors it crushes the veins inside and destroys their ability to drink water. Professionals use a short flat edge sharp pairing or pocket knife. Holding the knife in a dominate hand and pulling the flower away, we cut a smooth 45 degree angle to allow for the most surface area on the stem then drop the flower into its water source immediately. This can be done when placing flowers but it is also a great idea to give flowers a fresh cut every couple of days.

Clean flowers - We don't want any cloudy or green water, to help with keeping the water clean and clear it is important to always clean flowers by removing any greens of foliage that may fall below the waterline. A side note is making sure we are always using a clean vessel, soap residue, dirt and any old flower residue is a sure way to destroy flowers in a hurry.

Water additive - Flowers prefer a cool drink and any flower food added to water can fight bacteria and provide nutrients for an arrangement. It is important to check the floral water source to make sure the water is clean, clear and fresh. Also checking that the water line is high enough to cover the ends of all the stems. Again, this can be done when making the arrangement but we also consider changing the water every couple of days.

Finishing touch - When an arrangement is designed and ready to be presented one last thing we do is a mist of water, a light hairspray, or finishing touch product. It is a flower sealant that discourages flowers from sweating and will allow them to live at their most beautiful moment for as long as possible.

It is with these professional touches that we make sure your flowers will have the longest shelf life and will be sure to impress any guest or maybe just make your own day a bit brighter. If you have a special event in mind let Red Carpet Events and Design help plan the perfect arrangements for you!