Seeing Green

Seeing Green

By Marisa Monroy


Earlier this month, Pantone announced the 2017 color of the year – “Greenery, [a] zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring, when nature revives, restore and renew.”


The Red Carpet Events and Design team is no stranger to green. From artichoke, to celadon, to forest, to Spanish moss, we have worked with green in all its variations. We love the pageantry of verdant greens; they are versatile and bursting with texture. For a modern feel, combine emerald, fern and neon green with reflective mirrors, metallic silvers and classically crisp black and white hues.

We beautifully executed this innovative color scheme for one of our favorite holiday parties a few years ago. Our design team developed an amazing ambiance using vibrant greens with metallic embellishments, painted models, and progressive florals to create a modern, avant-garde celebration.


Greenery brings the outdoors in, a perfect inspiration for our Tahoe clientele. At this Hyatt wedding, lovely tones of hunter green and celadon played off the feminine folds of plush ivory drape. Sparkling light curtains and wrought iron tables trees, accented with green spider mums and trick, flawlessly brought elegant romance and the spirit of alfresco into the Lakeside Ballroom.


Dark green, pine green and Hooker’s green (named after renowned botanical artist William Hooker (1779-1832) who crafted a special pigment for leaves in his paintings) seamlessly coalesce for a traditional Christmas party.

Lush greenery outlined and defined this show stopping holiday chandelier. With grapevine orbs, farmhouse Edison lights and wrought iron spheres, this custom light fixture was impressive, but lost against the vast ballroom ceiling. Adding greenery visually brought the chandelier to life and took our breath away.


Greenery is much more than a color to us- it’s our inspiration! We want to revive our creativity, restore our energy, and renew our brand. We are excited to see how Pantone’s 2017 color of the year will play out in our future décor.