Event Planning and Allergies – Insight from the Red Carpet Team

Event Planning and Allergies – Insight from the Red Carpet Team

By Sarah Rizza

I used to be one of those unsympathetic and judgmental people that thought food allergies were imaginary; a fictional hallucination for attention and special treatment. My karmic comeuppance was delivered through my youngest son, who is allergic to wheat, soy, and milk—seemingly all things tasty and easy to prepare.
Now I am hyper-vigilant and I bring this new found awareness into the event planning arena. When dealing with allergies communication is key. Encourage your guests to voice their needs well before the date of your event. Caterers and venues are experienced in accommodating requests, but giving them time to prepare ahead of the big day leads to the best solutions. If service is buffet style, consider labeling foods and listing ingredients. From custom chalkboard signs to charming stickers, there are loads of creative options. Imaginative signage can be a great way to personalize and brand your event.
Allergies, however, are not limited to foodstuffs. For some, floral can be a huge source of irritation. As a florist, I run into certain plants that often cause my face to swell or my hands to itch. During the planning stages we make sure to check with our clients about their allergies. We’d never want a bride’s eyes to be red rimmed and watery due to the eucalyptus in her bouquet.
But never fear, for those who are sensitive to allergens, there are many unique and beautiful options. Flowers that produce little pollen are more harmonious with allergy sufferers. Orchids are always a good option. Begonia, cactus, clematis, columbine, and crocus, are easy to tolerate, as well as hydrangea, iris, lily, periwinkle, rose, and tulips.
There are a multitude of non‐floral options for creating a unique and stunning event. Paper flowers are completely on trend and gorgeous. Glamorous Brooch bouquets offer femininity and elegance, without having to load up on Benadryl and eye drops. In our rental collection, we offer exquisite lanterns in a multitude of colors and finishes that beg to be filled with pinecones and succulents for that rustic Tahoe touch.

Additionally, should you ever need a hay bale that won’t send your clients running for the medicine cabinet, look no further than our warehouse! Our realistic hay bales are made from a hypo‐allergenic raffia, ensuring that red eyes are brought about by the beauty of ceremony and not the seating arrangement.
Although irritating, allergies shouldn’t stop you or your guests from celebrating with a perfect event. Awareness, communication, and creative planning are our specialties, and we excel in finding innovative solutions for every concern.
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