Insights from an Event Planning Newbie

Insights from an Event Planning Newbie

What really goes into planning an event could be considered an industry secret. Shhhh!
We all see the final products, but are unaware of the lengthy process that takes place behind the scenes until the first day on the job. It would be an understatement to say that in my first three weeks at Red Carpet I have
been exposed to an overwhelming amount of advice, trends and helpful hints to creating any event. From this influx of information, I have determined the three most important tips that go into creating a successful event, which I will share with you here, lucky you!
The first and most important - NOTHING happens without our crew! As designers and planners we constantly get to tap into our creativity and imagination to create these miraculous, in-depth visions to make each client’s event special. However, none of it would be possible without our production crew who turn our visions into reality. They know what elements really look amazing in a space, where hanging and access points are located, what won’t logistically or physically work, and so much more. If you only remember one thing from this advice, have it be this - What they say goes! They are our #1 planning resource and your biggest ally for a beautiful event.
The second most important tip is that EVERYTHING is a team effort. We are all chameleons, ooohhh la la. We not only manage our individual positions in the company, but assist our team members as needed (and at a moment's notice). Basically, you need to be able and willing to do it all. But hey, I’ve always believed a greater variety leads to a greater day! No job is too small, and the little details are essential in creating the perfect event for each client.
Last, but not least, here is my final tip to share with you- hard work and confidence are essential in the success of any event!  Moving quickly and having a complete understanding of what needs to happen is key to making any event go smoothly. It’s better to prepare, hustle, and be done early than assuming there is plenty of time to take care of details at the end.  More often than not, time flies during the set of an event, and you don't want to be in a position of running against the clock. And nothing is more important than being prepared for contingencies - it is crucial to consider things that could potentially go wrong and having a back-up plan for technical issues, weather, set-up delays, etc.  So, before you go to any event, whether it was planned by you or not, study the proposal until you know it inside and out.
This may all seem overwhelming, but you would love every minute of it, just like I am, I promise!
More about Shelby....
Shelby is in her final few weeks at the University of Nevada, Reno and is the newest member of the Red Carpet Events and Design sales team. A Strategic Communications major, she enjoys all aspects of design from fashion, to interior, and now event design and management. She loves all the little details that go into events, especially the personal aspects of weddings, and describes her favorite events as ones "that are classically glamorous with lots of sparkle."


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