When should you contact our team for your event?

When should you contact our team for your event?

Congratulations - you've got a party or a wedding to plan! Unfortunately, during this exciting time when it seems like every person you know is offering advice or suggestions, it can often be confusing and hectic. Having a professional can ease the stress and questions of planning any size event and overall make the process more enjoyable - and it often saves our clients time and money. The scope of involvement of an event planner can also be completely customized to specific needs and budget. For those just beginning the process or with limited time, calling our team for a consultation can help identify your needs and priorities, set a time line, and clarify your ideas or goals.
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If you require an event planner:
If you are looking for (or even just considering) an event planner, we should be your first stop. As your planner, Red Carpet Events & Design will be able to help you choose your venue, create your budget and perfectly execute the event of your dreams. Our team creates and coordinates over 400 events a year - of all sizes, styles, and with unique and personalized details for every event. We have done the research, scoured the magazines, bridal shows and pinterest for the latest trends and ideas, and have an unbelievable and continuously updated rental and floral inventory. If we don't have it, our design and production team knows how to find it or create it.

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If you are planning your own event:
If you are planning your own event, contact us after you have decided on your location. In northern Nevada and Tahoe, top spots typically book almost a year in advance, so we always recommend this be a top priority (and it sometimes determines your overall style/theme and number of guests). Having booked your venue, you will also determine your date so that you can confirm our availability. As we are committed to making amazing, personalized events, our team and rentals book up quickly, especially during busy summer weekends and around the holidays. From this point we work with every client to determine our services - some need full scope, some need day-of support, some only have rental or floral needs. Regardless, a consultation can identify how we can best help each client create an amazing event and achieve their unique vision.
Many of your décor decisions will depend on your venue choice. The style of a venue’s architecture will likely influence decorating decisions and identify what additional key elements you might need to enhance the location. Or you might want to cover awkward parts of a room with drape or create a magnificent entry. Either way, having the measurements of the venue is essential as our drape and ceiling treatments are priced per foot. Your contract with the venue will also specify what is provided by the venue. Do they have all the tables and chairs you require? Are they handling the linens and do they come in colors that suit your event? Some venues include details like votives and mirrors that add some sparkle and ambiance to an event. We have great relationships with venues in the northern Nevada/Tahoe areas and are skilled at navigating these details on behalf of our clients.
Our goal (and our job) is to create the perfect event for you. We love making ideas come to life and creating unforgettable events for every client.

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