Top 3 Ways to Maximize Your Wedding Décor Budget

Top 3 Ways to Maximize Your Wedding Décor Budget

Forgo the small details and focus on big and bold statement pieces!

1. Ceiling Treatments can soften a venue’s harsh architecture and create an intimate environment by lowering ceiling height. Swags of fabric accented with lights can instantly transform the entire look of a room. By choosing a fabric and design that compliments what is happening down below, you can add intrigue to every level that meets the eye.

Drape small

2. Lighting can make all the difference. Uplighting walls adds drama to an otherwise forgotten space. Pinspotting each table highlights your centerpieces. Painting a whole room in your preferred color of light (like the blue lighting below) can give your reception a fun alternative to stark blackness, especially when the dance floor shenanigans commence.

Lighting small

3. A bold Entrance will set the mood for your wedding. In the photo below, our 10’ tall gold metal tree is decked out with romantic rose pomander balls, glass ornaments filled with freshly cut roses, and hanging votive LED candles. Options are endless to make our expansive metal trees customized for your wedding.

Tree small

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